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Bitcoin Modern Vision

About Bitcoin Modern Vision

Bitcoin Modern Vision is Bitcoin hard fork, fast decentralized electronic cash system and DApp platform based on Blockchain V4.0 implementations! Bitcoin Modern Vision team forked Bitcoin Core (BTC) at block #561888 that occurred at February 7, 2019 00:50:09pm GMT. So each BTC holder will receive x3 amount of BTMV coins (3 BTMV for 1 BTC).

The Bitcoin Modern Vision is to provide assured stability with only a limited and well known set of changes planned to restore the Bitcoin Core protocol to its original design, and enable innovation to occur on top of a stable base protocol. Restoring the Satoshi op_codes to enable development teams around the world to create the many solutions possible on the BTMV blockchain, such as smart contracts, DApps and many more.

Massive scaling is also important to convince enterprises to use BTMV for their blockchain applications – which will require big blocks and large throughput capacity.

Bitcoin Modern Vision will be a global currency. To enable such a future, we need to be prepared to ensure a level of security commensurate with a global money system. To do this, the Bitcoin Modern Vision project has focused on Security Support for mining node software.

BTMV Airdrop

Airdrop and bounty program pool: 30'000'000 BTMV coins.
Limited to 40'000 participants.
Join BTMV telegram News channel, BTMV telegram group and BTMV Twiiter to get 500 BTMV coins.
Get 100 BTMV coins for every referral. Referral counts as valid if joined to our telegram channel and group.
Airdrop BTMV will be distributed on March 15th, 2019. The distribution will be subjected to careful anti-fraud analysis.

Airdrop is over! Registration is no more available!

BTMV Token Sale

At the first stage of our project, while the main network is not running, we will use BTMV ERC-20 Ethereum token. At the second stage, BTMV tokens will be swapped for BTMV coins (please read white paper for some explanations).

Starting Time : JAN 27,2019
Ending Time : MAY 25,2019
Total Max Supply : 256'000'000 BTMV
ICO Max Supply: 130'000'000 BTMV
Ethereum ERC-20: BTMV Token
Exchange Price : 10'000 BTMV = 1 ETH
(1 BTMV = 0.0001 Eth)
Token Sale Price: 25'000 BTMV = 1 ETH
(1 BTMV = 0.00004 Eth)

BTMV Sale Final Stage Ends in:

Soft 100'000'000 BTMV Raised Max
Buy BTMV Tokens
  • We accept Ethereum

Privacy Policy
  • 27 JAN - 25 FEB

    +250% (35'000 BTMV = 1 Eth)
  • 26 FEB - 25 MAR

    +200% (30'000 BTMV = 1 Eth)
  • 26 MAR - 25 APR

    +150% (25'000 BTMV = 1 Eth)
  • 26 APR - 25 MAY

    +150% (25'000 BTMV = 1 Eth)

Token Distribution

The maximum values ​​are shown. All undistributed tokens will be burned!
Team tokens: 50% frozen for 6 months and other 50% frozen for 12 months!
Liquidity tokens reserved for support liquidity on exchanges.


Bitcoin Modern Vision Main Development Stages
*dates are subject to change

Bitcoin Modern Vision Team


Mike Gustavson

CEO. Co-founder. Unix, blockchain developer.


Harry Collins

Co-founder. Project Coordinator. Blockchain enthusiast.


Simon Thompson

Unix, Python, Blockchain DApp Developer

More team members will be added as the project progresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

It is a ERC-20 Etherium token. At the first stage of our project, while the main network is not running, we will use BTMV ERC-20 Ethereum token. At the second stage, BTMV tokens will be swapped for BTMV coins.
Snapshot is a record all public addresses in the Bitcoin network with a substantial balance. We save a list of Bitcoin's unspent transaction outputs, then use these outputs and their corresponding balances to launch Bitcoin Modern Vision blockchain. This allows our team to transfer of Bitcoin's economic state in a new blockchain.
There are a few ways to get it:
1. You can buy as much BTMV as you like during token sale
2. You can get a few BTMV tokens by join to our Airdrop and Bounty
3. If you hold Litecoin (BTC) in your wallet at the moment of the hard fork you can claim 3 BTMV for every BTC you hold (3 BTMV for 1 BTC)
To buy BTMV tokens send Ether to Bitcoin Modern Vision smart-contract. You will get BTMV tokens right after payment.
BTMV Smart-contract: 0x7F4c7B32B822D2b61826D9345078198Ef9668505
Min purchase 0.01 Eth
Don't send Ether from exchange wallets!

You need to authorize yourself in your wallet.
Click "Add Custom Token".
Fill in the fields with the following information:
BTMV Contract Address -
Token Symbol - BTMV
Decimals - 8

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